Playful double wall glass 250ml


Thanks to the robust material, they are not only suitable for private use, but also for commercial use in cosy cafes and hip restaurants. Experience for yourself how much your child is happy about a simple milk or a fresh Saa from these elegant glasses. Order your playful double wall glasses now and enjoy the kids’ radiance with every sip.


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  • Durable and high-quality workmanship: the mouth-blown glasses are extremely robust and are ideal for everyday use. From boiling milk to ice cold freezer, the glass can withstand all temperatures and is also dishwasher and microwave safe. In an elaborate manufacturing process, the glasses were produced thin but extremely durable. This means that this double wall glass guarantees great joy for many years.
  • Unique look: the double wall glass not only keeps the cocoa warm for a long time, but is also responsible for the characteristic floating look. Unlike porcelain mugs, the double wall glasses look particularly elegant and high-quality and give any drink an extraordinary look.
  • Perfect drinking experience: the pleasantly rounded edge, the touch without burning and the insulating double wall guarantee an excellent drinking experience with a long hot drink and a comfortable use. The capacity of 250 ml is ideal for a hot glass of milk or a refreshing saa.


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